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george w. bush worked on a spree of fighting wars and the national debt doubled on his watch. >> and president obama with be lower if the republican would have allowed the tax cuts to expire the way jerome bush planned for them to expire. >> stephanie: this is just out of the l.a. times. >> i would love to get posted on "the stephanie miller show" website. >> stephanie: i think we can do that. >> i would do. >> i think that would be wolf. slowest growth of government spending send eisenhower. >> stephanie: we should post this. we'll talk more about it when we get back. it's serious. they're playing chicken with the economy. it's called the fiscal cliff. our elected representatives our republicans friends seem determined to plunge us into financial catastrophe for the sake of political gain. >> this is why congress has a lower approval rating that chlamydia. >> stephanie: 46 minutes after the hour. we'll be back am more jump days with john. >> oh come on, you got to admit this is cool. >> it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >
stops off in bordeaux france. >> yeah he is just a big ball of george w. bush and sarah palin combined. >> oh, god. >> let's live into the right-wing world. john bolton. >> i think it has been a very successful trip. i think the his meetings and speech in israel demonstrated the stark contrast between the romney view, and the obama administration view, which is that israel is a large source of the problems in the middle east. >> sure, i think we can all agree on that, can't we? >> sure. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> we can all agree on that. >> i think you would blow up the top ten stories of mitt romney and nobody would notice. [ laughter ] [ buzzer ] >> john scott on foxes news. >> if you know your history, you might recall four years ago when barack obama took the oval office there was this bust of winston churchill that had been prominently displayed that mr. obama sent it back -- >> no george bush sent the bust of churchill back because it was on loan. and barack obama has a different bust of churchill that is still there in the oval office. there are pictures o
was having a george w. bush flashback with mitt romney, a string of gaffes and bluster and all of this stuff. from the bush administration. >> it is true. when you look at his foreign policy advisers, 17 of the 24 who are listed on his campaign site were bush officials. and a lot of his rhetoric, when he does lay out a position is sort of harking back to the policies that we saw and i think in many cases failed in the bush administration. >> stephanie: the bush years we all remember so warmly. michele, thank you for your time this morning. hope to talk to you again as the campaign rolls along. there she goes, michele flournoy >> he criticized islamic countries for voting in islamic leaders. >> stephanie: how dare they. >> mormon elders? >> stephanie: wow! is there anyone he hasn't pissed off this week? [ applause ] >> comparing the -- the gdp between israel and palestine. palestine is being occupied by israel. >> stephanie: all right. more stinky poor people to him. okay. 58 minutes after the hour. right back
with the exception of ron paul, all came forward and said let's do exactly what george w. bush did and call it something different. and it seems to me the republican party at this point are only good at two things redistribution of wealth to the top 2% and convincing social conservatives that this is a good thing. suzannea is calling us from illinois. good morning. >> hi. i have advise for david axelrod. i live in illinois and i have had robo calls saying terrible things about the president. if my son would have answered the phone, you know, he loves the president. they talk about it in school. my 9-year-old school -- >> can i ask what terrible things the robo calls were saying? >> i have had normal things before, but this is like obama is a traitor, he's coming to get you. and i blame the republican party for getting calls like that. i think it's public harassment. >> i agree. but citizens united you are going to see a lot more of that especially in the swing states. and if mitt romney gets to have donald trump doing robo calls for him, then we get to call it what it i
. >> stephanie: speaking of george w. bush guess who will be skipping the convention in tampa. >> george w. bush. >> i got -- >> stephanie: his spokesman says he supports governor romney which is probably why he's staying away. scat. cnn survey found bush to be the only living president with a fayeable rating below 50%. [ wah wah ] >> that takes some doing. >> stephanie: yeah. okay. all right. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] meanwhile, president obama and the -- warned mitt romney would be squeezing more money out of seniors by turning medicare into a voucher program. romney accused obama of putting his needs against those -- putting his needs above those of the nation. what? huh? i don't understand most of romney's attack. what? president broadened his attack on support for the house plan that would change medicare from a fee for service program into one where future returns -- helpful vouchers. >> here's $20. go cure your cancer. >> caught rise your -- cauterize your wounds with coupons. >> stephanie: is that
goods store. meaning what? george w. bush is drinking again. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] >> why did you do that? >> because it was hot! bath salts making somebody hot and crazy again. >> stephanie: did you see george w. bush did an interview. he has that same vocabulary recall. he said eight years was awesome and i was famous and i was powerful. >> i'm interested in politics. he said that. he actually said i'm interested in politics. really? should have paid more attention to it while you were running the country. >> stephanie: new chapter in his life. one that is awesome. >> i would know about chapters if i ever read books. >> stephanie: he said my time as president is over. did i what i did. striving for a legacy is a complete waste of time. a legacy will emerge with recent times. >> stephanie: the legacy thus far, worst president ever! >> mitt romney meeting with everybody from the bush administration to get tips on how to run things. >> stephanie: dick cheney was huddling with republicans on capitol hill yesterd
bring up a good point. he has the same daddy issues that george w. bush had. >> oh, god. >> and when he loses the election in november he is going to accuse his father for it. >> yep. yep. all right. god save us from rich white boys that have daddy issues. >> yeah, we have had enough of that. >> contrast obama's ability to ad lib and romney. these trees are the right size. >> do you have the same look on your face when you watch him on tv. i'm like what are you? >> just don't talk. >> we were saying i don't know how i'm going to get through the election because of the fact that he is so irritating. >> he is not authentic. >> yeah he is like the movie popcorn butter. he is like a human-like substance. >> it's yellow and oily -- >> it's like a chinese knockoff of a human. >> japanese robots that try to convey emotion, but they just don't quite do it. >> yeah, he is like he's an earlier version that they haven't perfected yet. >> yeah, he is like one of those early, early pringles. >> right. >> it seemed like space food. >> yeah, like space ice cream. >> they didn't find t
. romney refused to name his top campaign raisers, commonly called bundlers. obama, george w. bush john mccain all named their bundlers. romney's refusal to release bundlers is really sticks his finger in the eyes of citizens who need this information to make an assessment -- >> mitt romney is securing big money from -- he should be careful about throwing stones from his big glass house. and they are expected to block a vote on the disclose act which would require anonymous groups to disclose who is backing their political advertising. this is a confusing line of attack for romney? i maintain, jim, i think he is working for the obama campaign [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> i think this whole thing may be staged. >> or maybe he is having a brain-related event. >> carol you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, carol. >> hi, steph. i have a question for anybody to answer. it seems the top 1% are the job creators, and the bush tax cuts have been in since, i don't know, six, seven eight years. >> yep. >> i want to know what these creators have been creating. certainl
not ready for the delicate dance when handling the nations abroad. who said that? >> george w. bush. >> some fancy nato -- >> who's name you can't pronounce. >> yeah. >> so you have skipped right over there. >> guess where mittens is less popular than england? massachusetts. this is unprecedented, they went through all of the numbers in all of the years, he is 21 percentage points behind obama in his home state, which is -- is -- is -- [♪ somber music ♪] >> who was involved in the 1946 election. >> i don't remember. >> that guy you can't pronounce. >> look at here -- lyndon b johnson trounced goldwater in 1964. goldwater still care rid his home state of arizona. how about that mittens? [♪ fun-facts music ♪] >> have you guys seen the olympic buttons, the pins that were put out when mitt ran the olympics, that were by the way made in china -- >> yeah >> one is a baseball hat that says mitt happens. [ laughter ] >> that i think -- i don't know why it is a baseball mitt, i think that's cute -- >> precious. >> they don't play baseball in the winter olympi
that when obama took office there was a trend line because of george w. bush. so he can't have it both ways. and it just -- so i think you -- the obama campaign is caught romney talking out of both sides of his mouth again. and his campaign talking out of both sides of his mouth, and it's effective. and not only is mitt romney different from you and i because of his gawealth, but he is a different sort of character who is uncaring about the middle class and giving morning some sort of safety net, and i think that resinates. >> absolutely. i'm curious whether you think he is going to be able to get away with not releasing his tax returns. mitt romney says he know nothing about his off-shore investments. >> that's a blind trust. >> really blind. >> maybe because he hasn't bought one of those islands in the bahamas yet. >> i think people felt like for the of the spring fine but there does come a point where there is a tipping point. and i think we have reached it. and i think we saw this great column the other day comparing mitt romney with his father and didn't take a
articulate. so -- you know, on it and it is just ridiculous. especially after george w. bush. >> john: i was doing fox and friends and gretchen carlson threw that at me. what about the teleprompter? i said you just had a president who couldn't speak without drooling unless he had a teleprompter and i was not invited back into the studio for a very long time. >> that's the only way to be on fox and friends is to say something that won't you get invited back. >> john: there are nice people at fox news. a lot of people that work there and they realize they've made a pact with satan and kissed the cloven hoof. you can tell when he's not using prompter because every person uses word fillers. for the president, it is um. >> tony? >> it drives me nuts. one thing you know when he's not reading the prompter, he'll go uh um. >> john: mrs. clinton is a big you know. i used to watch her on c-span. george bush when not on prompter, his line was duh duh. >> wasn't there some speculation in one of the debates in 2004 he actually had
foolish they are. >> stephanie: i love that george w. bush is out there as much as possible. >> awesome. my years as president were awesome. >> i really don't want to be in the public eye any more and i feel a certain sense of liberation not being out there. eight years as awesome. i was famous, powerful, and i have no desire for fame and power. >> then why are you still talking? >> shut up. >> stephanie: because he has in a book on how to fix the economy. >> we're still trying to fix his economy. >> i crawled out of the swamp i'm not crawling back in. you know, i'm interested in politics. i'm a supporter of mitt romney. i hope he does well. but you know, he can do well without me. >> stephanie: that was at least leastat leasthe said that one when the elevator door was closing on him. i'm nor for romney. who cares. robert in detroit. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi robert. >> caller: this is a sad day in america when a person like romney can be nominee for president. he is everything wrong with america. he's a hypocrite, a liar he's a racist he's a chauvinist, he's a bigot. an
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12